Coder Bootcamp

Coder Bootcamp

Hi, this is Ravi Teja. I started Coder Bootcamp to help beginners get started into programming and build applications. But it did not turn out as I expected. I could not keep this site to its fullest possible because of time constraints and other projects. Yet, I want to make something useful and help the coding community.

What's my plan for now?

My plan is to form a team who likes to help and be the part of Coder Bootcamp.The team aggregates the latest updates and developments of programming languages, libraries, frameworks and services. There will be utmost three curators for each technology. You can curate multiple technologies. The team will also handle the social medial profiles.

Features and new type of content will be added incrementally. I came up with this idea because they can be easily implemented and do not take much of curators' time. I believe that it is important to keep things as simple as possible until we can settle on a working model of the site.

Want to join the team?

Message me on Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp for queries or if you are interested to be a curator and a be part of the team. I will follow first-come, first assigned approach. A new site will be developled and deployed once a small team is formed.

  1. Ravi Teja. (Project maintainer)
  2. Prakash. (Project maintainer)
Curators list
  1. Bootstrap Framework
    1. Ravi Teja
  2. React
    1. Prakash
  3. NodeJS
    1. Prakash
  4. Laravel
    1. Ravi Teja

Coder Bootcamp Social Platforms

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