Full Stack Course

What is full-stack development and how this course helps you?

Full-stack development handles both the frontend and backend of the project. If you are a full-stack developer you are responsible to build layouts, make user interfaces, fetch the data from the front-end, process it, manage database, send emails etc. This course is one of the paths to become a full-stack developer. I have laid out things you need to learn and practice to build features for a project. I have compiled this course based on my experience and teaching my students. Many companies now are showing inclination towards full-stack developers as they can cover a broad spectrum on development. That gives you an edge of getting employeed quickly or start your own technology career as freelancer or even your own startup.

How to use this course?

You can choose between two modes of learning. Self-taught and live coaching.



  • You will be your own teacher.
  • You will take the fixed and open curriculum where changes are made when needed.
  • Online and offline mentoring sessions.
  • Only two sessions per month.
  • Session will be focussed on bug fixes, improvements and suggestions.
  • Start your program now. You can mail or text on social platforms for queries, suggestions and improvements.

Live Coaching

  • I will teach, guide and mentor you.
  • The curriculum will be modified and tailored to suit your career goals.
  • Online and offline classes.
  • Flexible classes based on your time.
  • Interactive coding sessions with a discusson on ideas, concepts and architectures.
  • Send an email to raviteja@coderbootcamp.in for more details or text directly on WhatsApp.


The curriculum has the following projects for you to build. I am still building the curriculum and will be posted incrementally. Follow us on our social networks to get the latest updates.
Project 1


Start your learning journey with the foundations of the web - HTML and CSS. By the end of this project, you will be comfortable creating web pages and styling them.

Start Course
Project 2


Quickly develop beautiful web pages with Bootstrap framework. If you get the basic right, using Bootstrap or any other framework is so easy that you can get started in minutes.


Mini Project 1


The best way to manage our project code base, share the project and collaborate with other developers. A friendly tool used by millions of developers.


Mini Project 2


A super easy general scripting language that is powering almost eighty per cent of the web apps on the internet. This project is focussed on getting used to language syntax and in-built functions.


Project 3

Web App with Laravel

A beautiful framework with a focus on developer experience to build web apps rapidly. The ecosystem and support are so huge that you can get what you need in just minutes.


Project 4

Advanced Laravel

We dig deep into the Laravel framework to build more complex applications. But once you know how to do it, You can translate any of your idea into a web app.


Mini Project 3


Bring interactivity to the webpages. This is a lightweight and interpreted programming language with its own syntax and first-class function just like PHP to manipulate the web pages.


Project 5

User Interfaces with Vue

A light-weight and progressive JavaScript framework to build rich user interfaces rapidly. We can learn most of the concepts in just a day and build user interfaces.


Mini Project 4


Add your own flavour of colours, fonts and much more to the Bootstrap framework by customizing with SASS. A CSS pre-processor to simplify the workflow.